SVPE Campaigns and Activities

Face it. Be More Than A Bystander campaign (Spring 2013)

                          Ew. A drunk guy is creeping your friend out. Take action.  Be more than a bystander.  React to sexual violence.

That's What She/He Said social media campaign (Spring 2012)



International Students Campaign (Spring 2012)


That's What She/He Said social media campaign (Summer 2011)


Sexual Violence Prevention Week
During the last week of April, we organize a week of programming, education and activities providing a forum for survivors and their allies to speak out about sexual violence. This event is sponsored by the UO Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention through the Office of the Dean of Students and the ASUO Women’s Center.
Click here to see the 2010 and 2011 SPVW programming: SPW 2010.pdf; SVPW 2011.pdf;

The iDating Booklet (Winter/Spring 2007)

iDating is a group of UO international and US students who are actively working to provide support and resources for healthy cross-cultural relationships. Through online surveys, poster campaigns and resource booklets including personal stories and information defining sexual assault and healthy relationships, the group is working to support international students in creating healthy relationships and preventing dating violence.
If you want to check our iDating booklet click here: i Dating Brochue.pdf 

Sex Installments: If You Can Do It, You Can Talk About It (Winter/Spring 2007)

The development of a bathroom stall reader for residence halls with information about sexual assault and other resources.
Click here to see the Sex Installments: CEP Earl Newsletter(1).pdf

The engagement of community members in assessment, planning, and decision-making provides participants with a renewed sense of ownership in ending sexual and partner violence. If you want to be part of our team please contact Abigail Leeder at